from the pastor's desk


"A Critical Juncture"


      As you read this, Our Savior’s will be in the middle of discovering the early results of the Rejoice, Renew, Reach Mission Appeal. A number of goals are wrapped up in the potential results. The $440,000 over-three-years financial goal is critical for the emerging repair and refurbishment projects I  (part of the “Renew”). There will always be more such projects to tackle; this is only a few for this time, but it is a critical juncture for those projects. Included in that financial goal is also the “Renew” of how the Staff at Our Savior’s is configured and supported. This is a critical juncture for how Our Savior’s future ministry will unfold for the most impact for the most people. For that renewal to happen, the Annual Giving at Our Savior’s needs to be healthy; this is a critical juncture for that as well. It is another of the goals for Rejoice Renew Reach that more people are prayerfully led to more fully support the day-to-day ministry of your church. Yet another goal, a synthesis of “Renew” and “Reach,” is a healthy support connection for the ELCA World Hunger Appeal and 2nd Harvest Food Bank’s local “Backpack” programs. There is good history of collaboration with those “Reaching” ministries; this is a critical juncture for that as well.

      I write this about a week and a half before the Reformation/Commitment Sunday on October 29. There will be a vigorous effort to let everyone connected with Our Saviors know the results of that first wave of commitments. There will also be a vigorous effort to connect with everyone with the offer to “prayerfully consider” how we all can be a part of moving forward through this critical juncture. If your prayerful considerations lead you to participate now or in the future, your part will be joyfully received.


I am eager to learn with you what those early results are; I am on that journey with you!

Pastor Chris