Dominican Republic

Dave & Bobbie's Story...

      Dave Johnson and Bobbie Burns began their mission work in the Dominican Republic, by bringing much needed school supplies to a two room school. Thus began their yearly trip to provide relief and aide to some of the poorest families in the Dominican Republic. The former two room school, now three room school, is the recipient of pencils, erasers, sharpeners and rulers all donated from Our Savior's congregation, family, friends and businesses.

      Dave and Bobbie's next quest was an all girls orphanage. This year they added a Kindergarten class. The orphanage was allotted $200.00 American, donated by Our Savior's congregation, friends, families and businesses.

      Along with providing supplies to schools, Dave and Bobbie take donated supplies of baseball caps, toothpaste, toothbrushes, bandaids and a variety of other health aides. They purchase Bibles(Spanish) which are given to people they meet in the Dominican. The Bibles are gifts from Dave and Bobbie. No donated funds are used to purchase the Bibles.

      While on their annual trip, Dave and Bobbie spend a great deal of time taking families to the grocery store. Families that are chosen are near the poverty line to the poorest of the poor. The families are told in advance they can spend $50.00 American. They are not allowed to use the money for alcohol or cigarettes. This year, Dave and Bobbie were proud to report 31 families had food thanks to the generous giving of members of Our Savior's, family, friends and businesses. Their goal for the future is to take 40 families to the grocery store.  

      Dave and Bobbie travel to the Dominican during the month of March each year for three weeks; always returning before Easter Sunday. Donations of school supplies, the other items listed and monetary donations are accepted year round in preparation for their annual trip. 100% of each donation goes to schools and families in the Dominican to provide relief.  

      If you are interested in donating in any way, donations can be dropped off at Our Savior's church office or given directly to Dave and Bobbie.

      If you are interested in joining Dave and Bobbie for 1-2-3 weeks please call them directly. Dave Johnson ~ 879-9339 or

Bobbie Burns ~ 390-5601

Clothing items we could use are:

Girls: 6 years to 20 years, Boys: 6 years to 20 years, Men: 20 years to 50 years, Jewelry: necklaces, rings, pierced earrings

Baseball hats

Also, aluminum cans

                                  Thank You!

haiti mission

Our Savior’s is supporting Ministry in Medical Missions (MMM).  MMM is a non-profit supported by a group of area churches which works with a Doctor in the village of Limbe’ in Haiti.  Dr. Emmanuel Mareus, affectionately known as Dr. Manno, received his medical training in the Dominican Republic and then returned to his home village to serve the community he loves where he grew up.  80 % of the rural population in Haiti live in dire poverty.  The average per capital income is $350/year, with many living on income below that level.  Dr. Manno has a heart for his people and particularly for his diabetic patients.  He provides an amazing amount of free care and supplies for those who simply have no means to pay.  He has a three tier payment system at his clinic:  1. If you can afford to pay, this is the cost.  2.  If you cannot pay the whole bill, please pay what you can.  3.  If you simply cannot afford the care you need, Dr. Manno puts the bill under “agape” (love) and asks that when you can, you pay back in whatever way you can. 

MMM joins with Dr. Manno once a year in providing mobile clinics in villages surrounding Limbe’.  Dr. Manno and pastors in the area organize the clinics.  Through these clinics many children in the area are treated for various parasites, heart and diabetic patients get an annual screening and patients with whatever injuries or conditions appear on the clinic day are treated as best we can.  Those who need more follow-up care are welcomed at Dr. Manno’s Limbe’ clinic.  Donations to MMM go toward providing the supplies and medications needed to support these clinics.  Item provided include ibuprofen, treatments for lice and scabies, antibiotics, wound care supplies, medications for high blood pressure and diabetes.  MMM also supports a fund to help supply year around diabetic supplies for Dr. Manno’s patients who cannot afford these. 

Mary Krohn from our congregation was part of the February 2017 MMM team and plans to go again soon.


If you have interest in participating in one of the mission trips, contact the church office or Mary Krohn.  Any and all financial support is greatly appreciated for this on-going mission.

Find their website here: