from the pastor's desk


"It’s All About The Advent"

 Time is a fascinating thing. On the one hand, our human experience of it is technically measured and on the other hand totally subjective. We can measure the passage and cycles of it to nano-seconds and yet feel as if this day will never end. Humans easily get distracted by the history of the last few days as if that is all that matters (as I write this, the devastation of the massive earthquake on the Iran-Iraq border two days ago is gone from the headlines) while the planet responds to realities that measure beyond centuries.

      The end of the Church’s “liturgical” year and beginning of the new with Advent brings us face-to-face with another “timeliness” that Jesus brings to our hearts. We were reminded in November’s Bible Lessons on Sundays that God and time have an unmeasurable relationship. We heard God invite us into that “timelessness” in prophesy and poetry. We heard Jesus urge us not to get worried about “when.”  Advent, the weeks that lead us up to the annual celebration of Incarnation (where God got a little more involved in our earthly times), takes us deeper into the realizations and contemplations of God at work in eternity and now.

      The word “advent” means “the coming or arrival, especially of something awaited or momentous” (The American Heritage Dictionary, 1975). In the Church, that has gotten associated with “expectation” and “anticipation.” The themes on the banners that adorn Our Savior’s sanctuary for the season lead through a progression of “Watch,”  “Prepare,” “Rejoice,” and “Behold.” We get to watch time unfold, preparing our hearts with memories of past celebrations and anticipation of future rejoicing as we behold the truth taking shape in our world in the form of Jesus. It is an acknowledgement of time past, melded with time present and rooted in endless time. We get to be aware of “Kairos,” God’s time, breaking through our pre-conceived notions of the meaning of our days and hours to lead us to the Cradle & Cross shaped, grace and faith powered peace that defies human expression.

We get to share that journey

of time with each other!

Pastor Chris