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Our Savior’s Continued Journey

     In last month’s Messenger, Pastor Chris told us that we are a vital congregation. I believe him.  And we are at a crossroads of sorts. We just celebrated the 125th anniversary of Sunday School at Our Savior’s. We are looking ahead to who we want to be in the coming years. Here is what we know. We have fantastic staff. We have an interim to help guide us. Our mission is clear – To know Christ and have others know Him. Our values are simple: Involvement and Commitment, Ministry of Hospitality, Outreach and Worship, Spiritual Growth and Needs, Fellowship, Friendly and Welcoming and Financial Wellness (a suggested add by Pastor Chris).

     Here is what we don’t know. We don’t know who our next Pastor will be. We need to decide who we want to be going forward and we need everyone’s help to get us there. We don’t know how long it will take us to find and call a Pastor. But we have an interim and that great staff I mentioned before. They will need our support and help.

     We know we want Our Savior’s to be a thriving church and an important staple in our community. We also know that God is with us on our journey. He will guide us. If we listen and He will show us our path. My ask of you is to listen with your hearts and minds to what God is calling you to do. Listen to how you can help shape the future of Our Savior’s. Pray for guidance on how you can be an active part of our congregation and open your ears to hear what God is asking of you.

The Call Process

     This time between Pastor Chris leaving and the next Pastor is called, is a special time for us. It is a time filled with hope and expectation, of questioning and experimentation. It can also be a time of anxiety.

     The first and foremost task of the congregation and its leaders during this time is spiritual reflection and prayer. This is a time we should be searching for our path forward and be focused on what God’s hopes are for Our Savior’s and our mission. It is also a time where we can experiment with doing things differently. 

     Some of you are probably wondering what the process is for calling a new pastor. Between the Synod and our own constitution and bylaws it is very clear what steps we need to take.

     Our bylaws state that we will have a call committee within 6 months of a pastor leaving. The call committee will have 8 members to represent the congregation and nominations and applications to this committee will be open to all members. Our bylaws also state there will be no more than 4 members on the Call Committee that are also on PPC and there will be one officer from CAT. The Call Committee will do a lot of work to include completing our ministry profile, selecting and interviewing candidates, and will recommend a candidate to the congregation.

     It is a lengthy process but a good process. It will take time and effort but finding someone to walk with us should be done with great care. The leadership of PPC and CAT are ready to move forward and with your help and support we are well on our way to the next chapter of Our Savior’s.

Juli Lattner Church President



joyful news

Grace to you and peace from Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior,


I remember growing up, we moved every three years. My sister and I attended many schools. I was the shy one. I wondered would I have any friends, and who would I have lunch with. Most of us(all of us?) have gone through many transitions :the grief of loss for loved ones, of family, friends and all those parts of transition that come to us unexpectedly.


And now as a community of faith, we face the transition of our Pastor retiring and we ask

“Who’s next? What’s next?” Your questions and your feelings are appropriate. If you’re feeling lost, left out of what’s happening or lonely during this time, please know that your leaders and pastors are here for you.


The Rally Day service Sunday, September 18, 2022, was a day of rejoicing in the music, in the singing of children and families, and in an awesome message from Julie Lattner, our president  And then at the very last, we all sang “Pass it On,” with the children.


And that’s what we are called to do as a community of faith. It was no accident that we also included the prayers for God’s work and  our Hands in worship. We are indeed  sent out to be God’s hands in the world and creation around us. Work of hands, work of hearts, God calls us to be his hands.


“ That's how it is with God's Love,   Once you've experienced it,

You spread the love to everyone

You want to pass it on.” Curt Kaiser


Pastor Joy