from the pastor's desk

Our Savior's Shared Journey

“November Gratitude: Fall Thanks”


So much to celebrate. So much for which to be grateful.

     Let’s just look around Our Savior’s and see God’s abundance at work! Sunday School has robustly returned to a traditional style. Jess is installed and leading forth as Children Youth and Family (CYF) Director. Pastor Karen is installed into her new “Call” of increased ministry. New folks are worshipping at both services. Confirmation students are nearly prepared to affirm their baptism, and new students are beginning their journey of claiming their faith. Middle School students are gathering every Wednesday afternoon from Zion and Our Savior’s. We are trying to envision getting students from Esko here for that ministry. Juniors and Seniors are enjoying lunch here on Wednesdays. Many of you are helping make that happen, just as you helped make Lutefisk (and Salmon and Meatballs, etc.) another success this year.

     Our financial health as a congregation is improving, your gifts to this fall’s Match Challenge is helping that. Your gifts to Rejoice, Renew, Reach; The Mission Emphasis are making a real difference in this congregation and beyond. Because of the financial support from Our Savior’s Endowment Team, “our” cabin at Voyager’s Camp has a new roof, Feed My Starving Children received a great gift to support the “Mobile Pack” many of you helped do, and disaster victims are being supported in the wake of recent hurricanes.

     So much for which to give thanks!

     In the spirit and reality of that gratitude, all of our other on-going ministry is growing too. The ministry Pastor Karen and CYF Jess will be able to share with you is still taking shape. I predict there will be more ways to learn and study together, more ways to invite others to “know Christ,” more ways to worship together, more ways to encourage each other and the community around us, more ways to serve, more ways to pray together, and more ways to give out of the amazing abundance God has entrusted to us. That potential not only gives me hope, is calls forth from my soul a song of praise and thanksgiving!

     As you take time this Holiday (“Holy-Day;” Thanksgiving, etc.) Season to thank one another for the gifts of each other, and to praise God for the abundance in your care, I invite you to offer prayers of thanks for and in your church. Join the praise! Join the thanksgiving! Join the November Gratitude!

I am on that journey with you!

 Pastor Chris