from the pastor's desk


"What MAY We Do"

     Yes, it is a bit of a play on words. That is partially because there is something about the month of May that conjures images of play in my head. The gaining warmth of the season and the promised end to scheduled academic pursuits, and the anticipated plunge in the warming waters of the lake blend in my memory to a haze of fun and joy. (Me: “Mom! Can I go outside?”  Mom: “I don’t know, can you?” Me: (grunt) “I mean, may I?” Mom: Of course you may, dear! Have fun!”)

     I offer that image as a back-drop for how Our Savior’s may move forward together: in joy.

     The first anchor point for the Rejoice Renew Reach Ministry *Emphasis is that joy. Everything done by any congregation may indeed be rooted in the joy of the Lord that is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10). The reason we want a secure roof, the reason we want well-cared-for staff, the reason we want good lighting, the reason we want to help young families disciple with their children, the reason we need a youth director, the reason New Horizons is a vibrant ministry, the reason we worship, the reason we sing, the reason we serve funerals, the reason we do it all: God’s joy.

     The “may” here is not some kind of “maybe;” it is the assurance of God’s abundance. The witness of scripture, the witness of the empty tomb, the witness of rush of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost (May 20!) is that God permits and in fact encourages, supplies, enables (“Father may we? YES! You may!) us to be love and life and forgiveness and grace to each other and to the world. Yes, we may!

     In that joy there is very little that lies beyond our God-empowered capacity. If it is good for God’s people (everyone, anyone, all-in-one) God says: “Yes you may!” So, in that abundant joy we may together do incredible things with Jesus!

I am on that journey with you!

         Pastor Chris

(*We began with Rejoice Renew Reach as a “Ministry Appeal.” Now, using the attitude and the resources given and pledged it becomes our Ministry Emphasis; a guiding theme, a three-fold focus for why and how we do ministry in this time and place.)