from the pastor's desk

Our Savior's Shared Journey

“Revealing February’s Opportunities”


It is still Epiphany you see…

     So, what can we do together? We will have gotten through the Annual Meeting by the time you read this. That will have given us some reasons to rejoice for a previous year of Mission and Ministry pretty well done! Thank you for your part in that! It was good to hear that we ended the year on stable financial ground. It was good to hear that we have been able to take good care of the facility that houses our Mission and Ministry. It was good to hear of the support for the growth of our staff to accomplish that Mission and Ministry!

I am believing that it will also have been good to hear of our shared commitment to continue to grow that Mission and Ministry in many and various ways.

     Much of that “many and various” can include you. The unfolding details of our ongoing “re-shape” (“our” because hopefully lots of you will be a part of what happens) of Children Youth and Family Ministry with Jess at the helm will be inclusive of a healthy variety of Our Savior’s folk. Already a variety of Ministry Teams are contemplating how their specific goals can integrate with this expanding ministry. As you are asked to “prayerfully consider” participating from time to time in various facets of this and other Mission and Ministry, I hope you will indeed give such requests real and deep “prayerful consideration.”

     In the month ahead, you may be asked to celebrate together the 50th Anniversary of the 1st Worship Service in Our Savior’s current building; February 27. That will mark the longest this congregation has inhabited any building, according to Joe Peterson. Such a celebration ought to be fun!

     In the month ahead, you may be asked to be a Mentor for one or more of the twenty-one 1st and 2nd year Confirmation Students. You will receive active support should you be able to join that ministry.

     In the month ahead, you may become aware of other opportunities to study, invite, encourage, give, pray, worship, and serve.

     In the month ahead, can you share any such ideas God may have put on your heart about mission and ministry?

Know that I will be on that journey with you!

Pastor Chris