Sunday School


"TOGETHER IN FAITH" is not your standard Sunday morning Bible school for children, but that is what we are most excited about. We love children and they are always invited to Sunday School, Worship, and more! However, this new Sunday morning ministry is for ALL AGES AND GENERATIONS. It is an opportunity to unite and engage our church as a community that knows and grows together - a body of diverse believers from every walk of life, encouraging each other through our different experiences of God and His Word.

Each week we will spend time TOGETHER IN FAITH, learning and growing in what faith means and what it looks like in our lives, celebrating ways we see God working around us and in us, and being supported in our questions and struggles; we will also pray with and for each other, and send each other into the new week with renewed hope and a blessing. We will be practicing Faith 5 on Sundays to empower you to use it in your family time at home during the week, as well.

Many new and good things are happening in our church and we praise God for being active in all of them!


Do you have ideas or suggestions for Christian Education? Please feel free to talk to any member of our team:

Juli Lattner – Team lead

Shannon Krikava

Kali Kadelbach

Jennifer Hamilton

Christina Kadelbach